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michael james macdonald
macado: [n] (mac-ah-do) pronounced differently by a lot of utterly strange people.


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action shots!


By reading this you've no doubt stumbled upon macado.org, the epicenter of useless pictures and inane thoughts that transpire in the life of the author's website. If you've read this far, good. You can read. You possess one of the many talents of millions of people all over the world, literacy.

Obligatory nonsense

My name is Michael MacDonald; I'm an Information Analyst for Tufts University supporting the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Computer Obsessions

The Internet Makes You Stupid

When i'm not at work, sleeping, in class or out, the odds are you can probably find me on the computer. I would probably be lying if I told you I wasn't a computer nerd, no matter how much I try to deny or hide it. I'm also a gadget person which means you can usually find me fixating over my iPhone or some other latest handheld electronic device. I'm not much for computer games but i'm an iTunes addict with a collection of about 20,000 mp3s. iTunesI tend to use a lot of open source software because it's free and often better than the commercial alternatives. For example, I use Pidgin instead of AOL Instant Messager because it doesn't have ads and supports tabbed instant messages. Firefox and Google Crome are my prefered web browsers because of tabbed web browing, better security, easily written plug-ins, and superior page rendering. The logo on this website was created using The Gimp and HTML was edited using emacs. For those of you still following me, if you use or have even heard of half of these programs, you're probably a bigger nerd than I am